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Why should you choose a fixed rate moving quote?

Moving is often an important stage in our life, even an overwhelming and stressful experience. By choosing a fixed rate move , you have to worry less and can plan ahead. The price of your move will be evaluated according to your real needs since it will be based on your goods to be transported, distance and complexities.

6 important things to evaluate in order to get the best price

To avoid surprises, take the time to properly assess your needs and be specific, in order to help you, here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Is your home on the ground floor, if not on which floor is it?
  • Will the mover have to take a spiral staircase?
  • Can the mover take an elevator and have you booked it?
  • Do you own oversized furniture?
  • Will the truck have access near your home or will it have to park further away?
  • Do you need an intermediate stop for other items before your final destination?

By filling our free online quote form and by being as precise as possible, you make sure you get a fair and competitive price.

We can easily assess your moving costs. Enter your departure and arrival address, the size of your home and the exact cost of your move will be provided.

Please do not hesitate to send us pictures if you are unsure of your description. The beauty of the internet today saves us a lot of travel!

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fixed rate moving

A safe, fair and inexpensive move still exists!

With a fixed price move, you have peace of mind no matter the weather, the number of movers or the size of the truck you need. This means that all the unexpected will be covered, and at the same time, your wallet will know exactly what to expect!

Beware of overly affordable prices

However, beware, sometimes these hide inexperienced movers, people who improvise themselves as movers 2 months a year just before July 1st.

Other times, it is a poorly maintained truck, hardly arriving at its destination.

Does he have adequate insurance to protect your possessions? Do they really have cargo insurance for their trucks during transport?

Déménagement Bernier has adequate cargo insurance and rigorously maintains all of its moving trucks. Our experienced team is at your entire disposal and will transport your goods safely.

Thanks to our detailed forms, Déménagement Bernier is able to calculate the price and offer you the best rates for your moving services.

Get a tailor-made moving rate, not just a time estimate, with a flat rate you won't have to worry about your moving team's hourly rate.

fixed rate move

Do you still have doubts about the price of your move?

We understand that no one likes surprises when it comes to the rates and the price of the services they pay.

Déménagement Bernier has over 30 years of experience.

Our team of professional, specialized and dynamic movers will carry out your move with confidence, security and without adding additional pressure to your day.

Evaluate your local, long-distance or residential moves now. Calculate the costs of your move in a few clicks.

Ask for your online quote and receive a quick and accurate appraisal, so you can take care of your move, rather than worrying about whether everything is in order or whether your mover's rate will stay within your budget. Everything is simpler without additional costs.

moving on a fixed budget

We take care of your belongings as if they were our own!

Do you prefer to talk to a human? We are available!

Call us and we will be happy to evaluate your move at a fair price. In addition, we will provide some tips and additional information to ensure proper planning and a simple, efficient and trouble-free move.

fixed price for moving

Déménagement Bernier, 30 years of experience and confidence for your move