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expert mover Moving Quebec Stove
moving appliances expert mover Refrigerator
moving washer move my washer Washer
moving dryer move my dryer Dryer
moving dishwasher move my dishwasher Dishwasher
moving freezer move my freezer Freezer
moving small appliances move my small appliances Small Appliances"


move my bedroom bedroom move Bedroom
moving child's bedroom move a child's bedroom Child bedroom
moving extra bed move a 2nd bed Add. beds
dresser moving move a dresser Add. dresser


office moving move office Work desk
computer desk moving move a computer desk Computeur desk
filing cabinet moving move a filing cabinet Filling cabinet
library moving move a library Library


table and chair moving move a table and chair Tables and chairs
moving buffet move a buffet Buffet / Dresser

Living room furniture and other

moving a living room table move a living room table Coffee table
modular couch moving move a modular sofa Modular couch
3 seater sofa moving moving a 3 seater sofa 3-seater sofa
moving 2 seater sofa moving a 2 seater sofa 2-seater sofa
moving 1 seater sofa moving a 1 seater sofa 1-seat sofa
futon moving moving a futon Futon
sofa bed moving moving a sofa bed Sofa-bed
wall unit moving move a wall unit Wall unit
moving television move a television Tube television
flat screen moving move a flat screen Flat screen
moving a television move a television TV cabinet
moving a wardrobe move a wardrobe Cabinet
move a rocking chair rocking chair moving Rocking chair
occasional furniture moving move of an occasional furniture Occasional furniture
chest moving move a chest Chest


moving patio set move a patio set Patio set
BBQ moving move a BBQ BBQ ( no propane )
swing moving move a swing Swing
bike moving move a bike Bicycle
mower moving move a mower Mower
moving blower move a blower Snow Blower
shed item moving move shed item Shed items
garage moving move a garage Garage

Boxes to transport

We will providee and transport two wardrobe boxes free of charge.
Enter the number of standard boxes we will need to transport.

moving box and bags move box and bags Box and bag (2 feet3)

*Provide the number manually for large quantities.

I need packing items

We will contact you to send you the necessary items to complete your preparation

Special items
and individuals

marble table moving move a marble table Marble table
glass table moving move a glass table Glass table
moving a mirror move a mirror Mirror (large size)
Large frame moving Move large frame Frame (large size)
moving tool box on wheel move a tool box on wheel Tool box on wheels
moving sewing machine move a sewing machine Sewing machine (console)
moving a cellar move a cellar Cellar
elliptical moving move an elliptical Elliptical
stationnary bike moving move a stationnary bike Stationnary bike
treadmill moving move a treadmill Treadmill
moving curio move a curio Curio
moving grand father clock move a grand father clock Grand father clock
moving electric fireplace move an electric fireplace Electric fireplace

Garage details

Shed details

Marble table

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STEP 2.5

Use this section if you wish to store your belongings
in a private and secure environment.

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Details of goods to be stored


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