Long Distance Moving in Canada: The Complete Guide

A long distance move can happen for many reasons. It could allow you, or require you to move outside of your province.

For more than 15 years, Déménagement Bernier's logistical expertise has been planning, synchronizing and supporting you in the relocation and storage of your furniture, oversized equipment and precious goods across the different provinces of our country. Déménagement Bernier, will save you stress and money on your long-distance move.

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Our long distance moving company takes care of your belongings:

  • Packing services
  • Packaging services for fragile items
  • Long distance moving services
  • Residential moving service
  • Commercial moving services

Sleep soundly with experienced long distance movers taking care of your relocation

The constant movement and evolution of economic activity sectors is forcing people and families to take on new challenges. Relocating for business often brings great opportunities for advancement, but also leads to short-term logistical stress. Regardless of the distance, Déménagement Bernier offers you a complete moving and storage service adapted to the size of the equipment and goods you want to move.

We are equipped with a large fleet of trucks and our team of caring movers has your entire satisfaction for primary objective.

Our know-how in the field allows us to give you a fair and precise price for your long-distance moving project. Do not hesitate to use our online submission form, it is a simple, easy and efficient tool.

Planning and synchronization of your long-distance move

Moving your home or business office is an important step and should be carefully planned. Our transportation logistics service will help you plan and synchronize the order of movement and storage of all your equipment and goods. Poor planning of the amount of space needed in transport trucks could result in the loss of hours or even days of work or comfort in your new home or office.

Make sure you hire an experienced company

Our transportation logistics service will help you plan and synchronize the order of moving and storing all of your furniture, equipment and belongings.

We are able to carry out the long distance movement of your goods in a single shipment regardless of the number of moving trucks required.

Futhermore, we offer a temporary storage service that will allow you to properly synchronize the time of arrival of each of your goods.

Our professional team will deliver your equipment and goods from province to province in the order you want and when you need it.

It will be our pleasure to accompany you and share with you our experience and our know-how, do not hesitate to contact us (450) 585-2881 we are fully available to advise you.

Long distance moving Montreal - Quebec - Saguenay - Gatineau …

Quebec is a vast province. Every year, we do a lot of long-distance moving for individuals, families and businesses within our beautiful province. Do not hesitate to use our online quote form to get the right price for your long-distance move.

Long-distance moves are often associated with three major stages in our life:

  • the hiring or transfer of location for work
  • get closer to your loved ones
  • a real estate opportunity, house sales, inheritance, purchase of a new place of business

In addition to transporting your equipment, your personal belongings and your non-standard size furniture, Déménagement Bernier offers you the possibility of storage for a temporary period.

Very often, the acquisition of a new home or office requires improvement or renovation. We will keep all or part of your belongings for you, in safe and heated places, for as long as you need. Planning and synchronizing the movement of your furniture and your furniture can save you a lot of complications and minimize breakage or damage to your equipment during upgrades or renovations.

Our long distance relocation services cover the provinces of Eastern Canada

moving through east of canada

Déménagement Bernier offers long-distance moving solutions tailored to your needs.

You have special needs when it comes to preparing, storing and moving your belongings? Would you like to receive your goods according to a specific delivery schedule? Do your goods require special attention before delivery? Do not hesitate to contact us, (450) 585-2881 , it will be our pleasure to answer your questions and offer you a suitable solution for you, your family or your business.

We will adapt our services to your needs and your particularities. The Bernier Moving team understands that every situation is different. We will pay attention and professionalism to ensure that your long distance move goes smoothly.