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    Tips and tricks

    Here are some tips to ensure a hassle-free move.
    Proper planning of your move will save you a lot of stress…

    2 to 4 months before moving

  • Start packing infrequently used items
  • Update your property inventory.
  • Get rid of what no longer serves.
  • Plan a garage sale, donate to charities, use the classifieds, etc.

  • Plan the cleaning and painting of the new home
  • 4 to 6 weeks before moving

  • Find the packing material.
  • Cardboard boxes, wardrobe boxes, bubble wrap, newspapers, tissue paper, adhesive labels, black felt, wide adhesive tape, string, etc

  • Start packing the less useful items.
  • Books, some crockery, clothing and out-of-season equipment.

  • Confirm the dates of interruption and resumption of services as well as the fees that will be billed to you:
  • Take note of the dimensions of the windows in the new home when purchasing blinds and curtains.
  • Find a new bank branch.
  • Preferably in your new neighborhood and don't forget the contents in the safety deposit box of the old one!

  • Reserve the elevator in the building for moving day (if possible).
  • 2 to 3 weeks before moving

  • Sign up for mail forwarding service at the post office.
  • You can access the Canada Post site at: and get change of address cards or even better send an electronic card.

  • Confirm the presence of those who promised to help you.
  • Send the rugs and curtains that need it to the cleaners
  • You will collect them after the move 1 week before.

  • Complete the packaging.
  • Taking care not to overload and count the boxes. Inform us of any change in relation to the information given during your quote request.

  • Dismantle the furniture.
  • Prepare a breakdown box.
  • Put utensils, dishes, glasses, paper towels, toilet paper, tissues, light bulbs, a flashlight, basic tools, cleaning products and accessories…

  • Make a box of items that you will carry in your car.
  • Plants, jewellery, camera and video, paintings and all items of great value.

    The day before the move

  • Reserve the space for the truck in front of the entrance to your building (if necessary).
  • Pack a suitcase with a few changes of family clothes and toiletries for the first night.
  • Provide food.
  • To ward off cravings and thirst, all in a cooler

  • Remove curtains, rods, blinds.
  • Ask for the key for the elevators (if necessary)
  • Clear lanes and clear snow and ice.
  • Release all interior and exterior access to the building to facilitate the work of the movers.


  • Unplug washer-dryer and dishwasher.
  • Remove mirrors from desks.
  • Dismantle the beds.
  • Remove the dining table legs.
  • Unplug computer and electronic equipment.
  • Disassemble work or computer desk.
  • Dismantle the wall unit.
  • Take the reading from the electricity or gas meter.
  • Make appliances ready and accessible.
  • Usually the last to be placed in the truck

  • Put all fragile objects in the same place.
  • Mirror, glass, vase, etc…

  • Walk around each room.
  • Closets, cabinets, nooks and behind doors.

  • Give the driver a phone number.
  • So that he can join you at any time during the trip.

  • Mop the floor and close doors and windows.
  • Take out the garbage.
  • Return the keys to the real estate agent, landlord or new tenant.
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