Residential moving services

Déménagement Bernier offers a range of quality moving services. Whether it's for your residential or commercial relocation, local or long distance or for your goods to be stored , we will know how to meet your needs.

With us, when you request a quote, you will get a fixed price, including the truck, movers, equipment and insurance (with no excess on your part). This is to make sure you have no surprises on your moving day. By providing a good description of your household, you can ensure a fair and competitive rate .

In addition, as Déménagement Bernier has trucks of different sizes, your move will be done in one trip. Your belongings will be spared from road shocks and potholes thanks to the air suspension systems installed on our moving vehicles.

Whether it is for the storage of your furniture while waiting for your new home, or for your move to Gaspésie where you will finally retire or even more simply to move from your current location a few streets away, trust experienced movers.

Déménagement Bernier… a guarantee of… Quality and efficiency!

Commercial moving services

Is your business expanding and moving to larger offices? Need to move heavy equipment to your new workshops? Our team will advise you and carry out this handling as quickly as possible and while respecting the particularities of your goods and your equipment. Each area is different, we are aware of it and we adapt to any particularity.

A fleet of
moving trucks

Our fleet of moving trucks is available at all times. With our 4 moving vehicles, we are able to move you quickly in one trip. In addition, all our moving trucks are equipped with air suspensions which ensures the transport of your goods smoothly and flexibly compared to traditional spring suspensions.

Heavy objects moving

  • Moving a piano
  • Moving a spa
  • Moving a pool table
  • find more

Goods storage

Déménagement Bernier's mini-warehouses are the storage solution that suits all situations. Seasonal, transitional storage or while waiting to sell your goods. We keep your belongings safe, temperature controlled, for as long as you want. With Déménagement Bernier, you will find all services under one roof. Several different rental packages are available.

Packing methods

We have your satisfaction at heart. Déménagement Bernier uses optimal packaging equipment and accessories to carry out the work in a safe manner for your goods as quickly as possible. Take advantage of the handling experience of our team of movers and relax while your belongings are moved.

Packaging equipment
for moving

  • Padded papers
  • Transport blankets
  • Adhesive tapes

Moving promotions
offered to seniors

We are offering a 10% discount for moving seniors .
We will listen to your requests and take the necessary steps to offer you an adapted service. Fill your online quote easily or contact us for your next move. It is our pleasure to offer your relocation at a competitive price and apply a 10% discount.

Small move

What is a small move?

A small move is necessary when moving a short distance. For example, moving in the same building or on the same street. Even if the distance may seem short, it remains a task that can be difficult and the help of a mover becomes essential.

A small move can also mean that you have very few items or boxes to move. These objects can sometimes be very heavy such as a piano, a pool table, spa, gym equipment or simply large pieces of furniture. Using a professional moving service then becomes necessary to avoid injuring yourself or damaging your property.

Call on our team of experienced movers for a worry-free small move.